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League of Legends Statue 1/4 Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter 65 cm

League of Legends Statue 1/4 Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter 65 cm

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Statues League of Legends

Known for her beauty but known for ruthlessness, Sarah is a Bilgewater sea captain who has created an image not to be taken lightly by the port city's hardened crime syndicate, who also call her - Miss Doom.

When she was a child, she witnessed the murder of her family by the pirate king GangPlanck. Years later, she brutally avenged the murder by blowing up him and his flagship, along with his men and ship. Anyone who underestimates her faces a deceptively cunning opponent and the possibility of having to deal with a bullet or two in the stomach.

With LED light function.

It measures approx. 65 x 36 x 50 cm and is delivered in a printed box.

Limited to 599 pieces worldwide.

Please Note: Due to the small run size and high demand for this item, allocations are possible.


The item then becomes an On Demand item with approx. 1-3 weeks delivery time

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ON DEMAND product. Delivery time approximately 1-3 weeks

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