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Loki Art Scale Statue 1/10 Sylvie Loki Variant 21 cm

Loki Art Scale Statue 1/10 Sylvie Loki Variant 21 cm

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Buy Loki Art Scale Statue 1/10 Sylvie Loki Variant 21 cm now and get cheap shipping! A perfect addition to any Marvel fan's collection, this collectible figure features Sylvie in her signature Loki variant. With a height of 21 cm and with attention to detail, this statue will add an extra dimension to your home or office. Buy now and have it delivered straight to your door with our fast and reliable shipping service. Purchase this amazing Loki statue today and add a unique and rare character to your Marvel collection!

Inside the Time-Keeper's chamber, spokespeople for the Time Variance Authority, ready to reach its target, the goddess of evil of an alternate Asgard, decapitated the head of one of the entities, which turned out to be an android, ending part of her revenge. . Carrying her sword with Asgardian runes, wearing her green cloak and her golden diadem with horns (one of them broken) on a pedestal inspired by the scene described above with the robot head at her feet, Iron Studios presents the statue "Sylvie Loki Variant " - Loki - Art Scale 1/10", featuring the sorceress, Loki's alternate version and ally, in the series of Marvel's charismatic villain in the movies, produced for the Disney+ streaming service.

Loki Laufeydottir was born in one of the many realities that composed the so-called sacred timeline of a multiverse. When she was just a girl, she was taken by agents of the Time Variance Authority, accused of crimes against the sacred timeline, and had her reality erased. She stole a TemPad (a device used for time travel or to trap someone in a time loop), escaped into a portal and assumed the name "Sylvie" as a disguise, hiding inside the timelines. Growing up, Sylvie learned to hate the Time Variance Authority and vowed to destroy them and their sacred timeline. Later, she is forced to ally with another Loki variant (Tom Hiddleston) who escaped after the Battle of New York, creating a new timeline, with whom she falls in love.

Played by Sophia Di Martino, Sylvie Laufeydottir in the MCU spin-off series is inspired by the characters Lady Loki and Sylvie Lushton from the Marvel comics, and her Iron Studios statue is already available for pre-order, revealed at the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day on YouTube she adds to the line originating from the successful series on Disney+ by Iron Studios, which will also bring the statues "Classic Loki Variant - Loki - Art Scale 1/10", "Alligator Loki - Loki - Art Scale 1/ 10" and "Loki President Variant - Loki - Art Scale 1/10", all available for pre-order. For more news from this and other Iron Studios sacred timelines, follow their social media and YouTube channel.

Size: 21 x 12 x 13 cm

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