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Lord of the Rings Diorama Back End Regular Edition

Lord of the Rings Diorama Back End Regular Edition

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Dioramas Lord of the Rings

Nestled in the gently rolling green hills of the Shire is the village of Hobbiton, a sleepy collection of stone buildings and caves, home to the little hobbits. Overlooking the village from the hill at the end of Bagshot Row is Bag End, the stately subterranean residence of Bilbo Baggins, an eccentric hobbit widely recognized about the town as being broken some years ago, and his cousin and ward Frodo Baggins , which is definitely in the process of cracking. The Baggins, along with wizards, dwarves and other people with dangerous ideas, maintain a kind of museum in their home, where the various rooms of the Back End are filled with treasures and trinkets that Bilbo has accumulated over the years, either on his adventures or as gifts from his peculiar business.

But however unusual its inhabitants and contents may be, the abiding atmosphere of the Back End itself is one of lazy comfort, from the beautiful but slightly overgrown gardens that embrace its overhangs to the welcoming clutter of its labyrinthine chambers. Set back across the hillside in the shade of an ancient oak tree whose roots wind through its halls, the home reflects the hosts' gentle good humor and the universal Hobbits' love of simple pleasures. Baggins have lived under the hill for as long as anyone can remember, and there always will be.

Created by some of the same artists and craftsmen who work on our films, such as Daniel Falconer, David Tremont, Daniel Cockersell and several others. It's a real team effort to produce a piece like this.

Dimensions: 15 x 30 x 18 cm


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