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Lord of the Rings Mini Epics Vinyl Figure Treebeard 25 cm

Lord of the Rings Mini Epics Vinyl Figure Treebeard 25 cm

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Minifigures Lord of the Rings

TREE?! I am no tree; I'm an Ent!

Ancient beings, the Ents have lived through many trials and tribulations, and their natural inclination is to rely on the strength of their roots to weather the storm. But convinced by two little hobbits, some actions must be taken and some wars must be fought. So it was that Treebeard led his brothers against Saruman in the last march of the Ents.

Treebeard is a guardian of the forest, a tree shepherd and a gentle soul. As he is forced to show his power in the assault on Isengard, the Mini Epics team has captured his calm nature as a caretaker of the forest, from the tiniest seed to the mightiest oak, and expertly condensed it into vinyl form.

- Premium, stylized vinyl figure;
- Immaculately detailed sculpting and folds mimic his wood texture;
- Portrays Treebeard's gentle nature as he patiently cares for a little snail lover;
- Sculpted by Weta Workshop's Mini Epics Art Director, Mauro Santini.

Size: 22 x 24.7 x 14.3 cm

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