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Lord of the Rings Mini Statue Sauron 20 cm

Lord of the Rings Mini Statue Sauron 20 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings

Deep within the heart of Mount Doom, where the heat of the flame saturates the air, as thick as the very magma from which it erupts, lies the Dark Lord's forge: Sammath Naur. Here, within the rifts of doom, Sauron wove his dark magic to fashion a weapon from the fire of the earth itself - a weapon that would dominate all of Middle-earth
With rings bestowed upon various rulers and leaders of the land, including dwarves, elves, and men, Sauron fused his very essence into the One Ring in order to exert his influence over the others. The Ring served as both a tool and an extension of the Dark Lord himself, a vessel for his power and a conduit for his eternal will.

- Made of high quality polystone
- Approx. 7.5 inches tall;
- Depicts Sauron as he forges the One Ring as seen in The Fellowship of the Ring;
- Sculpted by Luke Hawker, who helped create many of Midgard's makeup effects and prosthetics for the film trilogy.

Product size: 13 x 20.5 x 8 cm

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