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Lord of the Rings Replica 1/4 Crown of King Théoden 12 cm

Lord of the Rings Replica 1/4 Crown of King Théoden 12 cm

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Replicas: scaled down Lord of the Rings

Théoden presided over the kingdom of Rohan during the War of the Ring.

The treacherous wizard Saruman seeks to weaken the realms of men as a prelude to his own ascension, sowing discord between Théoden and his most loyal captains. Saruman used dark magic to infect the king's mind and wither his body and sent his false advisor Gríma Wormtongue to rule the sick king.

When Gandalf the White comes to Edoras, Saruman's hold on Théoden is very strong. The king's son Théodred lies dead, and the cunning Wormtongue has tried to banish Éomer and many of Rohan's best riders. Gandalf must free the king from the fallen wizard's control and restore him in mind and body. Crown on forehead and sword in hand, King Théoden stands straight back again. The King casts out the faithless Wormtongue and sets about preparing Rohan for the attack he now knows is coming.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made of polystone and comes in an edition of only 750.
Accompanying your Limited Edition helm: an exclusive behind-the-scenes insert written by Weta Workshop's senior concept designer and writer, Daniel Falconer, detailing how the film version was brought to the big screen!

Size: 7 x 12 x 7 cm

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