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Lord of the Rings Statue The Doors of Durin Environment 29 cm

Lord of the Rings Statue The Doors of Durin Environment 29 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings

Khazad-dûm was the largest of the ancient dwarven kingdoms. A vast labyrinth of halls and passages cut deep into the Misty Mountains, it contained the city of Dwarrowdelf, home of the Longbeards: Durin's people. For thousands of years Khazad-dûm remained the seat of dwarven power in Middle-earth, and as long as the dwarves occupied its chambers the work continued unceasingly. Following the rich veins of Mithril silver, the most prized of metals, the dwarves tunneled ever deeper.

In times of wealth and peace, the western entrance to Khazad-dûm stood open. Trade flourished between Durin's people and the neighboring elves. The doors themselves were a symbol of friendship between the two, created as they were by both dwarven and elven hands. Mithril mined within was spun with magic into ithildin letters and iconography that shone only in the light of the moon or stars. On their clean surfaces were inlaid the initials of their maker, the king, and the enigmatic inscription 'Speak friend and enter'.

While the dwarves enjoyed many long years of quiet prosperity, the day finally came when war and death invaded Khazad-dûm and Durin's doors were sealed. In the waning years of the Third Age of Middle-earth, no dwarf dared cross the threshold of their people's once proud empire. Moria it was called, the black pit, home to orcs and things far worse.

So it was when the community came to the Cliffs of Celebdil that they found the doors closed and surrounded by decay. Even the once beautiful holly trees that flanked the entrance were dead and pale, their roots drowned by a sickly black pool gathered before the gate. Under the darkness, unfriendly eyes watched the comrades as they paused and searched for a way inside.

Size: 35 x 29 x 13 cm


- Open edition
- Made of high quality polystone
- 360° environmental design
- Unique LED lighting (universal power adapter included)
- Physically sculpted by expert model maker Leonard Ellis

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