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Lord of the Rings Wall Sculpture / Bust 1/1 Balrog Polda Edition Version I (Wall Mount Head) 94 cm

Lord of the Rings Wall Sculpture / Bust 1/1 Balrog Polda Edition Version I (Wall Mount Head) 94 cm

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Buster Lord of the Rings

The Balrog is an evil firebeast with a menacing humanoid body. But before they were Balrog, they were Maiar, spirits who helped the Valar create the world. Although once a force for good, they became evil after being seduced by Melkor, the first dark lord of Eä. We were first introduced to the character when the Fellowship of the Ring took to pass beneath the Misty Mountains. As they tried to advance, they caught the attention of the fallen wizard Saruman. Silence alone could not give this band of heroes safe passage, for Saruman has alerted a terrible Balrog. Gandalf knew that their escape would come at a great price, and he would not pass through the doors of the dwarven kingdom.

Inspired by Durin's Bane from Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring (2001). This limited edition collectible bust from Queen Studios captures the Balrog as we saw him on the big screen. The Queen Studios team has studied the Balrog closely, skillfully capturing the hulking monster's fiery eyes, demonic horns and gigantic fangs. Available in two editions, the Polda Edition is a life-size collectible daringly created for discerning collectors.


Since this character is a beast, Queen Studios' artists have decided to present it as such. Its evil essence drips onto the base beneath it, while its eyes, mouth and surrounding flames include internal lighting to create an eerie burning glow. The base that supports the Balrogen is inspired by the architecture of the dwarven kingdom beneath the Misty Mountains. This bust can be mounted on your wall.

Edition Size: 99 pcs

Dimensions: 94 x 123 x 56 cm

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