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Marvel Comics Mini Co. PVC Figure Magneto (X-Men) 18 cm

Marvel Comics Mini Co. PVC Figure Magneto (X-Men) 18 cm

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Grab the Marvel Comics Mini Co. PVC Figure Magneto (X-Men) from Iron Studios with cheap shipping. This detailed 18cm figure of Magneto is a must-have for all X-Men fans. Buy it now and add it to your collection!

Wearing his classic suit created with his powers, made from an amalgam of various metal alloys as strong as Iron Man's armor, the mutant master of magnetism hovers over a pedestal of metallic minerals with his arms open, wielding his vast powers of control over any form. magnetism to manipulate metal and electromagnetic fields. In their best Toy Art style, Iron Studios presents the "Magneto - X-Men - MiniCo" statue, releasing the first supervillain in the MiniCo collection inspired by Marvel's mutant heroes.

The X-Men's biggest rival, Erik Lehnsherr, better known as Magneto, although he is considered by many to be a supervillain, Magneto is not that bad because despite the rivalry, he is also Professor X's old friend and he is a member and ally many times of the group of heroes created by Xavier, from whom he differs due to his opposing ideals. In addition to his great omega-level mutant magnetic powers, Erik is a genius in many scientific fields, being a specialist in genetic engineering and mutation. Creator and leader of the group known as the Brotherhood of Mutants, he does not believe in living in harmony with humans, and because of that he aims to conquer the world to allow the mutants, a race he considers superior, to become the dominant species on earth.

Size: 18 x 16 x 14 cm

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