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Marvel Comics Statue 1/4 Green Scar Hulk Premium Version 67 cm

Marvel Comics Statue 1/4 Green Scar Hulk Premium Version 67 cm

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"Green Scar" Hulk is a tragic character originating in the Marvel Comics Planet Hulk. After witnessing the death of his family and friends, the Green Scar Hulk wages war to avenge the alleged perpetrators. The Queen Studios 1/4 statue is based on the Green Scar Hulk from the cover of World War Hulk (2007) #4, who many recognize as the iconic character that inspired the Gladiator Hulk from Thor Ragnarok.

The Green Scar Hulk is a tortured character with a tragic past. To capture the character's inner demons, this 1/4 Hulk statue includes three unique head sculpts. Each sculpture shows the green Goliath looming menacingly as he seizes his throne. The Regular Edition sees the Hulk with his lips together. While the Premium Edition features the same main sculpt with two additional sculpts. A clenched fist does not ignite a helmet. The other with gritted teeth and his gladiator helmet.

This limited edition Green Scar Hulk depicts the comic book character in remarkable detail. Queen Studios' artists have worked hard to capture his ripped physique and pulsing veins, as well as the weathered and worn weapons that surround his stone throne. The final statue is painted to perfection and encapsulates the essence of the Green Scar Hulk as seen on the classic comic book cover. No doubt brooding and plotting, Hulk is ready to smash!

Premium Edition: Three head sculpts, closed mouth, clenched teeth, clenched teeth with helmet

- Size: 67cm x 59cm x 72cm

Limited Edition of 300 pieces worldwide.

Please Note: Due to the small run size and high demand for this item, allocations are possible.

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