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Masters of the Universe Legends Maquette 1/5 Skeletor 63 cm

Masters of the Universe Legends Maquette 1/5 Skeletor 63 cm

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Statues of Masters Of The Universe

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Sideshow and Tweeterhead present the Skeletor Legends 1:5 Scale Maquette, the ultimate baddie to command the Masters of the Universe Legends collection. This iconic supervillain is sculpted to menacing perfection with multiple display options for fans to explore.

The Skeletor Maquette measures 25" tall and 15.4" wide and presides over a Snake Mountain base adorned with two snake heads pouring molten lava. He wields the Staff of Havoc, topped with a silver ram's skull and a purple crystal ball. Despite his skeletal face, the villain has a muscular blue body protected by ornate silver armor and a sculpted purple cape that gives him an added air of evil and grandeur.

The polyresin Skeletor Maquette includes a number of interchangeable features that allow fans to create their perfect display of power. Choose between the classic portrait with a cackling expression or a modern portrait with a grimacing expression. Skeletor also has interchangeable left hands - one in a clawing gesture and one with the Power Sword. When holding the Power Sword, the figure measures 16.5" wide.

Skeletor's minions Trap Jaw and Mer-Man are also available exclusively from Sideshow, sold separately. Unite the villains of Eternia to defeat heroes like He-Man, Teela and more Masters of the Universe collectibles.

Cue maniacal laughter - the Skeletor Legends 1:5 Scale Maquette from Tweeterhead is almost in your clutches! Bring him home to dominate your shelf today.

Product size: 63 x 39 x 30 cm


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