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MG Gundam God HI Resolution 1/100

MG Gundam God HI Resolution 1/100

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Official Bandai Gundam

From "Mobile Fighter G Gundam", the higher resolution God Gundam has been added to the high resolution model series! Realize the highest movement in the series by using a special battle frame!

Uses a milled frame with a deep feel using die-casting.
Specialized in combat, the frame has evolved further, with elbows, knees and shoulders fitted with interlocking slide gimmicks when in motion.
The structure of the abdomen that enables forward bending is movable like a muscle, and bold kicking actions are also possible.
We ensure movable range by connecting side armor to back armor. You can take a dynamic position.
Grounding performance is improved by moving toe parts. Rubber parts are applied to the soles for better grip.
The thumb of the hand can express itself richly by moving the joints in three places.
The solar effect is expressed with a PET layer, and the hyper mode that frees the chest and shoulders can be reproduced.
Jewel Seal is used for the Chest Energy Multiplier.
Hand parts can be replaced with palms.
Clear orange parts for Godfinger included.

Finished product frame
Jewel Seal × 1
Rubber plate × 1
PET sheet x 1

Product contents:

Inlet × 10
Tetron Seal × 1
Operating instructions x 1


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