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MG Gundam NU Ver KA Titanium FINE 1/100

MG Gundam NU Ver KA Titanium FINE 1/100

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Official Bandai Gundam

MG Nu Gundam Gets The Titanium Treatment! This means you get the amazing Nu Gundam Ver. Ka kit with the super-cool "titanium" coated finish.

Bandai's big Gunpla release of 2012 is the old fan favorite Nu Gundam as drawn by famous Gundam artist Hajime Katoki. The original Master Grade Nu Gundam was released way back in 2001 and a lot has changed in Gunpla engineering and the new Nu Gundam Ver Ka is a prime example of how far Bandai has come.

Key features of the Nu include an all-non-ABS plastic frame that makes it lighter, a hidden green psycho frame that is exposed when certain parts of the armor are separated, the ability to take Bandai's LED to light up the head, water slide decals for markings, and the ability to to build it as a twin fin hopper setup!


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