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Four Horsemen Toy Design

Mythic Legions: All Stars 6 Action Figure Deacon (Deluxe Horse) 15 cm

Mythic Legions: All Stars 6 Action Figure Deacon (Deluxe Horse) 15 cm

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Action Figures Mythic Legions

Eathyross's largest horses are the horses of the Templar Emissary. Before beginning their service to the Order, these horses undergo an ancient ceremony at the Temple of Eathyron. During this ceremony, they receive the blessing of the Golden Eagle to help protect them in the missions they will undertake in his name. Sir Enoch's mighty steed, Deacon, is the swiftest and bravest of all the Envoy's steeds, and is as much a symbol of hope for his order as the pious knight who rides on his back.


The horse body under the removable Templar soft goods is the same decoration as our previously released Balius figure. This set also comes with the same items that Balius came with, making this something of a re-release of that figure along with the new look for the Deacon character.


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