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PG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai LTD 1/60

PG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai LTD 1/60

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Official Bandai Gundam Model Kit

Render with the perfect character,

Gundam Astray Red Frame Revision
Large Equipment Tactical Arm Ⅱ L Equipment -
Gundam Astray Redframe commercialization with perfect character seeking the ultimate.
Variables for different shapes of characteristic Tactical Arms II L are thoroughly reproduced with perfect quality.
● Tactical Arms IIL is thoroughly reproduced by new shaping!
Tactical Arms Ⅱ L, which changes into different forms according to the situation of the war, is thoroughly reproduced by new modeling.
In large sword condition, large volume of about 500mm in length.
● Recreate the distinctive shapes of red frame reform!
Tactical Arm Ⅱ L changes to reproduce the shape change into different realized forms.
It is movable unique to PG Astray and different poses are determined.
[V FORM] - bow shape -
Basic form equipped with Tactical Arms IIL on the back. Deform to different shapes, implementation gimmick is loaded.
[DELTA FORM] - Delta Form -
Shape where an inverted triangle is formed on the back. Produce the development of the next generation propulsion system 'Voiture · Lumiere' in a modified gimmick.
[SWORD FORM] - Sword form -
A 'big sword' form comparable to the full length of mobile suits with high destructive power.
Posing is possible with the attached action base.
[ARROW FORM] - Arrow Form -
A 'huge bow and arrow' form that shoots a beam arrow. By unfolding the arm,
It is possible to switch between short mode and long mode.
[FLIGHT PATTERN] - Flight schedule -
The Tactical Arms IIL attached to the back was deformed and expanded into wing shape and flying form.
The torch gun part can be operated independently.
[FORM OF WORK] - Form of work -
It is like a huge magical hand used for material cutting and transportation. Equipped with a dedicated joint on the arm.
● Reshape every part of the body!
Thigh part, shape of backpack, etc. The changed part that comes with the equipment in Tactical Arms is reproduced with new parts.
Newly designed backpack for mounting tactical arms.
Parts of different thighs are reproduced by reshaping.
● Gerbera · straight, comes with 2 shakes of Tiger earrings!
Gerbera · straight, 2 shakes of Tiger earrings are included with beautiful plating specifications.
In each stem part the inscriptions of "one chrysanthemum" and "Tora toru" are stamped.
From the shape of the handle to the blade of the blade, it is reproduced like a real sword.
- New design water transfer type sticker included!
Gundam Astray comes with a newly designed water transfer type decal that includes a red frame reform mark.

● Camera eye emission
Main camera Eye (eye) can be illuminated by internal light unit and button battery (sold separately).
Battery used: CR 1220 (sold separately) × 1
Fixed Armor: Gerbera · Straight / Tiger Earrings / Tactical Arms Ⅱ L
Attached file: Basis for action 1
1/60 scale Assembly type Plastic model
Target age: 15 years and over
Main product materials: PS · PE · PP · ABS · PUR · TPE
· No adhesive is used for assembly
* Use the + (plus) screwdriver (sold separately) for this set.
* CR 1220 (sold separately) × 1 is required for camera eye emission.

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