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PG Gundam Perfect Strike 1/60

PG Gundam Perfect Strike 1/60

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Official Bandai Gundam

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", the PG Strike Gundam has been renewed to the newest format!
New modeling added to various parts of the armor, including the head. For a more sophisticated attack Gundam.
Gun metal is used for the inner frame and chrome expression is used for the coated part. By changing the casting color blue to a darker color, the presence was further strengthened.
Additional finishing parts are introduced in various parts of the new armor, resulting in a more sophisticated design.

LED Parts (Yellow) x 1
Strike new armor parts × 1 set
Yale striker pack × 1 set
Sword striker pack × 1 set
Launcher striker pack × 1 set
Tetron Seal × 1


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