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PG Gundam Rx-178 MK II Aeug White 1/60

PG Gundam Rx-178 MK II Aeug White 1/60

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Official Bandai Gundam

An extremely detailed and highly engineered model kit of the Gundam Mk 2 from Mobile Sut Zeta Gundam! Featuring an internal skeleton with piston-sensor arrays as well as LED-powered e07/1/2014 (CR1220 battery sold separately), the Mk 2 embodies the mechanical complexity and attention to detail embodied in the Perfect Grade line. Standards for the Perfect Grade line include fingers that have individual articulation, while actuators move in sync with arm and leg joints. The Mk 2 has many open hatches and rotating components as if it were a real machine undergoing maintenance.

Beam rifle beam saber bazooka head Vulcan shield is included. Runner x 30 Foil Sticker x1 Marking Seal x1 Decal x1 LED Unit Instruction Manual.

No glue is required for assembly, a pair of pliers is required to remove parts from the rails

Colored plastic, little or no paint required to recreate the look


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ON DEMAND product. Delivery time approximately 1-3 weeks

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