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PG OO Raiser 1/60

PG OO Raiser 1/60

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Official Bandai Gundam

00 Raiser joins the highly detailed and complex PG series. The iconic twin GN drives are pre-assembled and feature both a powered light-emitting diode (LED) system and a motorized spinning gimmick that can be switched on and off. Eyes are also powered by an LED which can be turned on and off as desired. Shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees have hidden clutch gimmicks behind the GN capacitors to help hold poses due to the sheer weight of the finished model kit.

Detail of the internal skeleton has new styling complete with GN cables running throughout the body. The swinging structures of the legs extend the range of motion. Fully equipped with beam sabers, GN Sword III with translucent green plastic and chromed plastic on GN Sword II, which can double as rifles. Translucent pink blades are included for the GN swords and along with 4 original new weapons for the O Raiser support vessel. The O Raiser and 00 Gundam can be successfully combined with locking mechanisms to form the 00 Raiser. Batteries included.

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