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Star Wars Egg Attack Statue Boba Fett Arena Suit 17 cm

Star Wars Egg Attack Statue Boba Fett Arena Suit 17 cm

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Statues Star Wars

IA Galaxy Far Far Away roams a bounty hunter named Bobba Fett, who manages to strike fear into
the hearts of his prey with a simple mention of his name.
Often referred to as the 'Jedi killer', the infamous character while an antagonist has become a fan
favorite because of all his growing lore and amazing storylines.

With Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand', collectors can take home the latest Egg
Attack Action (EAA) Bobba Fett action figure from the legendary world of Star Wars. With a sweet one more
very slim design, the limited edition 6-inch action figure is highly articulatable.

The figure uses a limited jet black color, with a multi-layered texture. This unique glossy effect
makes the collectible really pop. Real fabric is used for the cape and the set also contains a lot of
weapons and accessories such as a jetpack, blaster rifle, spear and pistol, and styled in the glossy
black. The super slim figure combined with a host of accessories lets fans recreate the many famous ones
story lines from movies and books.
Limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide, make sure this ultra cool bounty hunter is added to your
collection today, only from an official Beast Kingdom store.

Product specifications:

- BK summer SDCC limited
- Only 1000 pieces available
- Original stylized design
- A perfect combination of articulation with classic design
- A rich collection of included accessories


- Over twenty points of articulation
- Articulated helmet mounted targeting device
- Fabric material: Cape
- Accessories: Jetpack (missiles are detachable, includes a smoke effect), blaster rifle, spear, pistol
- Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands (fist, open, grasping)
- Glued version, branded stand with bracket


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