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Star Wars Episode IV Action Figure 2-Pack 1/6 Sandtrooper Sergeant & Dewback 30 cm

Star Wars Episode IV Action Figure 2-Pack 1/6 Sandtrooper Sergeant & Dewback 30 cm

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Action figures Star Wars

Stormtroopers sent to desert worlds wear special equipment and are nicknamed Sandtroopers, their ranks identifiable by the colored pauldrons they wear. Sandtroopers are equipped with standard Stormtrooper armor enhanced with cooling units, a helmet sand filter and a survival backpack with extra rations and water. While hunting for the Death Star plans on Tatooine, a Sandtrooper sergeant rode a Dewback to search through the vast desert.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are thrilled to introduce an amazing collectible sixth-scale Star Wars action figure set with Sandtrooper Sergeant and Dewback inspired by Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope to recreate the iconic scene where the Sandtrooper uses the wand to control large reptilian Tatooine.

This highly accurate Sandtrooper Sergeant collectible figure has been specially crafted with stunning details, including carefully crafted Sandtrooper armor and helmet with distinctive weather effects, a white pauldron indicating the Sergeant rank, a highly detailed survival backpack, the memorable droid ring part, two heavy blasters, a binoculars, a walking stick and a desert themed figure stand.

The highly accurate Dewback collectible figure is expertly crafted based on the appearance of the creature in the film. Approximately 80cm in length, the magnificent Hot Toys collectible features highly detailed head and body texture, an interchangeable head with an open mouth and a saddle for the rider!

Your Star Wars collector's collection is sure to stand out with this amazing collector's set!


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