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Star Wars The Mandalorian Art Scale Statue 1/10 R2-D2 13 cm

Star Wars The Mandalorian Art Scale Statue 1/10 R2-D2 13 cm

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Get an authentic and detailed Star Wars The Mandalorian Art Scale Statue 1/10 of R2-D2 from Iron Studios. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 13cm tall statue will make a perfect addition to any Star Wars collection. Buy it now with cheap shipping and have R2-D2's legendary character light up your home or office.

He traveled many planets, navigated the space of countless spaceships, met different cultures and civilizations, interacted with several generations, played a critical and vital role while helping his allies, witnessed the birth and fall of the world in a galactic saga and always prevailed present. even with his small size and limited strength, he becomes one of the most prominent characters in his universe. Meticulously replicated to the smallest detail of his structure, Iron Studios proudly presents the "R2-D2 - The Mandalorian - Art Scale 1/10" statue featuring the iconic Astromech robotic droid, Luke Skywalker's friend.

The first R2-D2 statue produced by Iron Studios in the 1/10 scale presents the charismatic robot from the Star Wars universe as in his appearance on "The Mandalorian" series from the Disney+ streaming service, above a pedestal of the floors of the villain Moff Gideons starship, R2-D2 joined Luke Skywalker to rescue a Force-sensitive child called Grogu, naturally of the same species as Jedi Yoda. Intelligent and courageous, having served many different masters throughout his life, R2-D2 never received a complete memory wipe or reprogramming, resulting in his adventurous and independent attitude. Often finding himself at pivotal moments in galactic history, his bravery and ingenuity saved the galaxy on many occasions.

Product size: approx. 13 x 11 x 13 cm


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