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Street Fighter PVC Statues 1/10 M. Bison & Rolento 21 cm

Street Fighter PVC Statues 1/10 M. Bison & Rolento 21 cm

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Statues Street Fighter

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Street Fighter Street Jam: M. Bison & Rolento 1:10 Scale Collectible Set.

This pair of two 1:10 scale collectible statues is the third installment in the PCS Street Jam series based on the iconic poster from Udon Entertainment featuring a selection of fan-favorite characters from the Street Fighter series.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a clash of military might when M. Bison and Rolento team up to command this Street Fighter - Street Jam statue set. Although they possess divergent moral codes, both characters bring their sheer willpower and strict convictions to the front line as an impenetrable duo.

M. Bison stands tall and proud, flashing his megalomaniacal grin as he reaches out with one hand while clenching the other into a strong-willed fist. This authoritative aggressor exudes power with his red uniform and assertive gaze, ready to conquer everything he sees. M. Bison's fully sculpted cape flows around him, encapsulating his commanding presence.

The patriotic Rolento crouches on his boots with disciplined poise, baton in hand, ready for battle. The fanatical veteran is deadly and handsome, wearing a coordinating red scarf and beret with his available grenades. Rolento's intense gaze, divided by his recognizable facial scar, demands order. His yellow fatigues are sculpted with exceptionally realistic texture and detail.

Bring the power of this dominant duo from the battlefields of Street Fighter straight to your collection today!


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