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The Hobbit QS Series Statue 1/4 Azog The Defiler John Howe Signature Edition Edition 68 cm

The Hobbit QS Series Statue 1/4 Azog The Defiler John Howe Signature Edition Edition 68 cm

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Statues of the Hobbit

"DarkSide Collectibles Studio proudly presents the second statue of the Morgoth Collection, Azog the Defiler Signature Edition series by John Howe.

The giant and pale Gundabad Orc is the most famous orc in the Hobbit trilogy. Azog has ruled by will and power the northern orc tribes for many decades, leading them to victory in battles against their hated enemies, the dwarves of the Durin line.

Azog stands triumphantly at a magnificent height of 68 cm (26.7 inches) and is based on the iconic scene from the Battle of Azanulbizar. Thror to the right.

Fully sculpted costumes of both Azog and Thror have been developed with high precision with amazing detail.

The statue of Azog is breathtaking to look at as it is full of intricate details, you have to see it up close to believe it! Crafted in polystone, the amazing craftsmen from Darkside Collectibles Studio have captured all the defining elements of both characters, On Azog, the leather faces in his skirt are crying out to come out, the lifelike skin details with the characteristic scars are extraordinarily detailed. The weapon detail is second to none, the resemblance between Azog and Thror is impeccable.

Thror's body and head armor has been recreated from the original studio archives in stunning detail. Although Thror is defeated, the stains of orc blood mark his weapons and armor, signifying the countless orcs that fell from his blade. Stanning detailed Thror's sword and shield accompany this masterpiece.

The statue comes with two heads of Thror, a clean version for a milder look closer to Tolkien's philosophy, and a Gore version for a more realistic look of battle brutality.

An individual hand signed Mr John Howe Art print completes the stunning presentation.

Don't miss the definitive Azog statue. This is a must have for all Middle Earth fans.

The Signature Edition series will be produced in limited numbers.

Product size: 68 x 38 x 47 cm


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