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The Hobbit Trilogy Statue Radagast the Brown 17 cm

The Hobbit Trilogy Statue Radagast the Brown 17 cm

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Statues Hobbit, The

Many imagine Wizards as great and powerful beings who shift the forces of the world in subtle but significant ways toward a grand design. Still, wizards are found in all kinds of creatures, and some prefer the company of creatures to the company of kings.

The wizards were tasked with guiding the inhabitants of Middle-earth in their fight against Sauron and varied greatly in form and nature. While some moved among the powers of the world, advising in war and using their wondrous ways to reshape empires, others were more subtle. Great halls or battles were avoided, and there was one among the Istari who instead sought the solace of the desert, preferring the company of wild creatures to that of kings.

To those who may not look closely, Radagast the Brown is a gentle hermit, soft in character and mind, often fumbling or restless, with tattered clothes and wrong footwear, his robes home to a bewildering menagerie of miniature animals and fungi. This facade is an illusion so complete that even the sorcerer is sometimes fooled, but in truth great power resides in him, as it does in each of the five Istari, and he is ever on guard lest the enemy, who he was sent against, returns. from the West centuries ago.

Size: 11 x 17.5 x 9 cm

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