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The Iron Giant Demi Art Scale Statue 1/20 Iron Giant & Hogarth Hughes 60 cm

The Iron Giant Demi Art Scale Statue 1/20 Iron Giant & Hogarth Hughes 60 cm

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Statues The Iron Giant

On the plains of a forest in the North American landscape, an armored colossal, docile and curious autonomous creature from another world gently raises a boy in its right hand. Together they create a strong bond of union, partnership and learning, with the boy teaching the mechanical being heroic values ​​and the concepts of life and death of humanity. On a themed diorama base that brings the movie logo to the front,
surrounded by the crown of large trees with orange autumn leaves next to robust pine trees, Iron Studios proudly presents their statue "Iron Giant & Hogarth Hughes - The Iron Giant - Demi Art Scale 1/20", featuring the giant robot and his young friend, protagonists of this classic story that became an acclaimed fantasy and science fiction classic.

In the 1950s, during a period of tension and ideological and geopolitical conflict in the so-called Cold War, a boy named Hogarth Hughes investigates the fall of an object from space near the town of Rockwell. Hogarth finds an alien giant robot and befriends it, hiding it in a garbage dump. The incident draws the attention of Kent Mansley, a paranoid government agent who suspects Hogarth and is staying in a room in his
house, rented by Hogarth's mother, widow of a military pilot and waitress in a restaurant. Eventually, the metallic giant is discovered and wins the sympathy of the townspeople, but when he is attacked by an army contingent, his defense system activates and turns him into a war machine. With weapons proving ineffective against the robot, the military decides to use a nuclear missile. Hogarth is able to reassure
the giant and explain the situation, but Mansley panics and impulsively orders the missile launch against Rockwell. To save the city, the giant says goodbye to Hogarth and flies to intercept the missile.

Product dimensions: 60 x 41 x 36 cm


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