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The Lord of the Rings Statue 1/6 Aragorn, Hunter of the Plains (Classic Series) 32 cm

The Lord of the Rings Statue 1/6 Aragorn, Hunter of the Plains (Classic Series) 32 cm

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Statues Lord of the Rings

The 20th anniversary of the Lord of the Rings films has a special meaning for us here at the Workshop, and we're excited to celebrate the upcoming event with a brand new series of iconic characters from Middle-earth. Let the festivities begin!

With the loss of Gandalf and the breaking of the Fellowship, many would be forgiven for falling into despair, but not Aragorn. Most would call it a fool's errand to hunt down the roving band of elite Uruk-hai to rescue Merry and Pippin, but not Aragorn.

Brave, tenacious and kind-hearted, Aragorn once again proved the worth and strength of his character. Consolidation of his position as defender of peace in Middle-earth.

"While Frodo and Sam slowly make their way towards Mordor through the labyrinthine Emyn Muil, Merry and Pippin are prisoners of the brutal Uruk-hai. Snapped during the raid on Amon Hen, the hobbits are slung like baggage on the broad backs of the indefatigable. Uruks that run day and night through broken hills and over the rolling plains of Rohan.

Faced with the choice of who to follow, Aragorn chooses to leave the Ring of Power in Frodo's care; swore instead to pursue Merry and Pippin's jailers and rescue the hobbits if he can. With him follow Gimli and Legolas: Man, Dwarf and Elf. Three genera united in purpose; three hunters whose hunts across the plains would become legendary for years to come.

Barely pausing for breath as he beats a relentless pace across the plains, Aragorn leads his friends over rock and grass, crushed flat by iron-shod boots, single-minded in his decision to run down their quarry. Still, the chase drags on; where orcs usually seek shelter from the sun, these run fearlessly under the open sky, driven by some unseen force... for great powers have begun to move in Middle-earth. As war looms and the race to secure the ring gathers pace, the enemy's reach stretches ever closer. "

Dimensions: 21 x 32.5 x 21 cm

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