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The Lord of the Rings Statue 1/6 Gil-galad 51 cm

The Lord of the Rings Statue 1/6 Gil-galad 51 cm

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Statues Lord of the rings

Long had Gil-galad™ led the Elves, and long had he joined the hands of men to defend these lands against the forces of darkness. After a bloody campaign in which he drove Sauron™'s armies back to the foot of Mount Doom, Gil-galad, along with Elendil™, steeled his resolve and marched forward to face the wrath of the Dark Lord. While his enemy, The Dark Lord, held the One Ring of power, Gil-galad held the power unthinkable; adamantly he marched on.
Gil-galad™ was the last High King of the Noldorin Elves. At this moment, in the darkest time of Middle-earth, he, a great king, had both the hope and history of his people. Capturing that uncompromising determination and steadfast resolve was integral to our team in doing justice to this statue.
- scale 1:6;
- Limited Edition;
- Depicts Gil-galad as he appears in the Battle of the Last Alliance;
- Digitally sculpted by Fabio Paiva with reference from the original film costume;
- Designed to be displayed with the Lord of the Rings companion pieces Elendil and Sauron."

Dimensions: 29 x 51 x 26 cm


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