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The Mandalorian 1/10th

The Mandalorian 1/10th

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Statues Star Wars - The Mandalorian

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Available on September 30, 2023
Elite Collection - 1/10 scale

Din Djarin, "The Mandalorian" is a bounty hunter who lived during the fall of the Empire and the New Republic. He was found by the Mandalorians as a child and was taken in and raised according to the code of these warriors who live on Mandalore before becoming a bounty hunter after the Imperial period and walking the path of Mandalore with great devotion. Like all Mandalorian warriors, he is recognizable by his beskar helmet, as well as his evolving armor, originally made from a conglomeration of armor pieces, later replaced by new armor and beskar armor. A respected and valued bounty hunter, he remains rather solitary and knows how to keep his cool in difficult and dangerous situations.

Now available for pre-order

The Mandalorian - Din Djarin- 1/10 scale version

Limited edition of 999 pieces
Size: 20.5cm / 7.9" tall
Made of resin
ETA: September 2023

– Immerse yourself in the Attakus universe of Star Wars and discover the statues of the Elite collection, on a 1/10 scale!
– Collector numbered and limited to 999 copies worldwide. Sculpted in France and painted by hand. Comes with its Attaku Certificate of Authenticity.
– The flagship collection on Attakus, the STAR WARS ELITE collection offers collectible statues in a 1/10 scale, that is, around twenty centimeters for the majority of the characters.
– Made of resin and painted by hand.

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