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WandaVision Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 White Vision 70 cm

WandaVision Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 White Vision 70 cm

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Upgrade your Marvel collection with this impressive WandaVision Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 White Vision 70 cm from Iron Studios - now with cheap shipping! This great statue is perfect for any Marvel fan who wants to add something unique and special to their collection. Order now and have your statue delivered quickly and safely. Buy the WandaVision Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 White Vision 70cm from Iron Studios today and experience the ultimate battle between good and evil that only Marvel can deliver!

Above the ruined remains of a library pillar located in the town of Westview is the Synthezoid Avenger, an artificially created humanoid being. After being revived by his beloved sorceress, through the Magic of Chaos, he rises, floating, fists clenched and a grim face, ready to fight any threat to his family, even though he is a ghostly version of his reunited body, without that his memories and his love for Wanda Maximoff. Inspired by the latest episode of the Disney+ streaming TV series Wandavision, Iron Studios presents "White Vision - Wandavision - Legacy Replica 1:4 Statue", where the hero faced himself in defense of his beloved wife and children.

Synthezoid Vision was created by the evil robot Ultron to transfer his consciousness and serve as his new body. Synthezoid Vision was conceived as a perfect form by its creator. After receiving the artificial intelligence called JARVIS and connecting with the powerful artifact known as the Mind Gem, he gained life and intelligence, and was born as a new being who was neither Ultron nor JARVIS, but one who would fight alongside the Avengers to protect humanity.

After Ultron was defeated, Vision became an official member of the group of heroes under the leadership of Captain America. After fighting for some time alongside the heroes, Vision built a romantic relationship with Wanda Maximoff and they both moved to Europe, but had to return to active duty to face Thanos, who was seeking the Mind Gem to complete his Infinity Gauntlet. Confronting the Mad Titan, Vision attempted to sacrifice himself to destroy the Mind Gem, but Thanos, in possession of the Time Gem, revives the hero and kills him shortly after.

Revived by his lover's magic, in the Wandavision series, he confronted his old body, which had been rebuilt in white form by the extra-governmental intelligence agency, SWORD, to be a weapon, and reactivated through a Chaos Magic trial by Maximoff. In the confrontation, the vision that had been revived by Wanda restores White Vision's memories, causing him to flee into contemplation, leaving the possibility of his return to the MCU.

Faithfully replicated down to the smallest detail, with incredible fidelity to the face of actor Paul Bettany who plays the Avenger, with a flexible fabric cover for more realism, this statue is the perfect pair with the "Scarlet Witch - Wandavision - Legacy Replica 1: 4" statue from Iron Studios.

Size: 70 x 37 x 36 cm

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