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What If...? Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Infinity Ultron 36 cm

What If...? Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Infinity Ultron 36 cm

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Discover an amazing What If...? Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Infinity Ultron 36 cm at a competitive price with cheap shipping. Add this stunning collector's item to your collection today and enjoy the detailed sculpt and impressive size.

Like a technological medieval knight on his universal crusade, the fearsome cyber tyrant brings five Infinity Stones integrated into the breastplate of his indestructible armor, in the form of a red-cloaked exoskeleton, created with the power of the Mind Stone to hold the mighty gems and makes it in able to
channel their energy. With its original mechanical head transformed into a helmet to cover the purple face of its new hybrid android body, with the Mind Stone embedded in its forehead and carrying its double-headed spear in its right hand as its primary physical weapon, the evil artificial being defiantly raises its left
fist clenched, hovering over the blue-purple crystals of the Mirror Dimension, ready to carry out his mission to purge the chaos from every existing universe. Derived from the animated series What If...? produced by Marvel Studios and released on Disney+, Iron Studios brings the "Infinity Ultron Deluxe - What If...? - Art Scale 1/10" statue, featuring the villain who became the greatest threat to all the different realities of the Marvel multiverse.

Created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner to protect Earth, the artificial intelligence known as Ultron, after observing humanity's atrocities and conflicts, began to regard the human race as the greatest threat to the peace of the world and after inserting his conscience into a new synthezoid body that in Marvel's regular
timeline ended up being Avenger Vision, in this alternate reality Ultron carried out a nuclear genocide, killed Thanos and took the Infinity Stones. With such power, after destroying all healthy life in the universe, Ultron became lonely and without a purpose to exist, but the combined power of the Stones enabled him to break the dimensional barriers of the Nexus of All Realities and become aware of The Watchers presence and existence of the Multiverse. With the renewed goal of maintaining his extinction in other realities, the villain forced The Watcher to break his oath to never interfere and assemble a group of heroes from different universes to oppose Ultron.

Size: 36 x 31.5 x 25 cm

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