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Zack Snyder's Justice League Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 Batman Knightmare 58 cm

Zack Snyder's Justice League Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 Batman Knightmare 58 cm

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Experience the dark and gloomy world of Batman Knightmare from Zack Snyder's Justice League with this incredible Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 Batman Knightmare 58 cm - now with cheap shipping! This amazing statue is perfect for all Batman and Justice League fans who want to add something special to their collection. Order now and have your statue delivered quickly and safely. Buy Zack Snyder's Justice League Legacy Replica Statue 1/4 Batman Knightmare 58 cm today and be part of the epic battle between good and evil!

In a corrosive and unusual habitat, the ruthless and determined Dark Knight searches for a way to defeat the forces of a conquering tyrant from a distant world who, along with the corrupt Man of Steel,
turned the earth full of life into a ruined desert. Cautious and exhausted by the years of struggle, he still maintains determination, climbing up on a pedestal made of mud, dirt and corroded metal rebar, and the rest of a vehicle in the form of a wheel with tires, he remains impressive, wearing a khaki coat with tactical military pants over his original costume and a pair of battle goggles over his mask to protect his eyes from the sandstorms of this desert world, he takes the position of leader of a rebel team. On a large scale, Iron Studios brings the statue "Batman Knightmare - Zack Snyder's Justice League - Legacy Replica 1/4", inspired by the parallel plot of a possible future, presented in the Justice League movie, in Zack Snyder's version better known as Snyder's Cut.

When the cruel cosmic conqueror Darkseid caused the death of journalist Lois Lane, Superman's beloved wife, Superman became susceptible to the Anti-Life Equation, a transcendental formula that eradicates free will, making the Kryptonian, once Earth's greatest hero, an allied tyrant ruler of Apokolips ' empowers and creates a catastrophic apocalyptic future. After terraforming the planet with the power of the Mother Boxes, Darkseid left Earth to be ruled by a ruthless and totalitarian regime commanded by Superman. In this tragic landscape, Batman gathers surviving allies to form a rebel force called the Rebellion, to wage war against Superman and his cruel domineering troops. In an attempt to prevent such a catastrophic future from becoming a reality, the runner hero Flash uses his cosmic treadmill and his friend Cyborg's calculations to go back in time and warn Bruce Wayne of the dangers of Darkseid and of this tragic end for humanity, repeating Dark Knight's goal to gather powerful heroes into one
alliance that resulted in the creation of the Justice League that managed to fight the invading forces led by Darkseid's general known as Steppenwolf, a fact that may or may not have stopped the fulfillment of this terrible future.

Size: 58 x 39 x 31 cm

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